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Wonderful Tours :
Thailand Ultimate Adventure 12 days
Tour Code: TLVTA 0030
Category: Escort Touring 7 -15 days
Price From: 1.990$
See all the beautiful places where most tourists don’t, this is a cultural tour which sees some of Thailand best attractions and also some that is off the beaten track. You will also see temples, floating markets, Tigers, Elephants and just so much more, please see our itinerary for all the details
Hanoi - Halong bay on Wooden Junk 4D/3N
Tour Code: VNVTA0037
Category: Short Break Holidays
Price From: 329$
Located in the North of Vietnam’s East Sea, 165 km east from Hanoi. Halong Bay is one of the country’s most famous tourist attractions and was listed by UNESCO a World Natural Heritage, an area of outstanding nature beauty. Halong Bay covers an area of 1.500 square kilometers. Among many pleasant beaches, along its winding coast line is Bai Chay in Halong City and the peaceful coves of Cat Ba Island. The marine reserve in the bay is flourishing and offers great potential for kayaking. The bay is the filled with thousands of islets of all shapes and sizes. A wide variety of birds and animals including bantams, monkeys and iguanas live on the islands. Pearl and coral is also exploited in some areas. With its spectacular beauty, Halong Bay is a wonderful destination. Tourists who visit Halong Bay at any time of the year are always enthralled.
Southern Highlight of Vietnam 5D/4N
Tour Code: VNVTA0043
Category: Short Break Holidays
Price From: 369$
Located in the North of Vietnam’s East Sea, 165 km east from Formerly known as Saigon, today’s Ho Chi Minh City is the bustling and vibrating economic center of the South. Over the past few centuries, Saigon was called the “Pearl of the Far East” and was an important trading center for the Chinese, Japanese and Western Merchants who traveled the Saigon River. LONGHAI. It is only 2 hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. Be there, you will have time and opportunity to enjoy the best beach resort concept in Vietnam with its character, courtesy, calm, charm and cuisine, its unrivalled environment and its micro climate. You may be amazed by palm trees, white sand at east end of Long Hai.
Northern Highlight of Vietnam 5D/4N
Tour Code: VNVTA 0036
Category: Short Break Holidays
Price From: 449$
Ninh Binh is a small town about 100km south of Hanoi, which is surrounded by a number of most interesting sites. Hoa Lu was the first capital of the independent Vietnam, under the Dinh dynasty and the early Le Dynasty (968-1009). There are two sanctuaries, each of them devoted to the emperors of one of these two dynasties. They are set into a landscape of limestone mountains reminiscent of some the better known sites of South China. In Tam Coc or better known as Dry Halong Bay, you can take a boat tour on a river which tunnels several times into the same type of mountains. The river is actually used by local villagers to access their rice fields. The nearby Ken Ga canal provides the opportunity to observe river life in the North, and contrast it with what one can see in the Mekong Delta. The whole area was an important center of Catholicism, and you will be surprised to see churches among the rice fields. Phat Diem has a vast cathedral which has a unique Sino-Vietnamese architecture.
Luang Prabang Wonder 4D/3N
Tour Code: LAVTA 0040
Category: Short Break Holidays
Price From: 349$
The beautiful city located on the confluence of the Nam Ou and the Mekong River and is made up of distinctive colonial architecture and dazzling temples. Saffron clad monks replace vehicles in this timeless, atmospheric city, as they often wander the small streets.
Tour Code: BHVTA 0030
Category: Short Break Holidays
Price From: 490$
Bhutan highligh tour package is the perfect blend of culture and nature to explore and experience the Kingdom of Bhutan. It gives you a chance to meet people, enjoy the pristine nature with rare glimpse of wildlife and observe the age old ancient traditional arts and crafts.
Tour Code: BHVTA 0020
Category: Escort Touring 7 -15 days
Price From: 1.490$
Bhutan, nestled in the heart of the great Himalaya has remained in isolation for centuries, aloof from the rest of the world. Since its door were opened in 1974, visitors have been mesmerised by the pristine environment, beautiful sceneries and the architecture, unique culture and charming people.
Tour Code: BHVTA 0010
Category: Short Break Holidays
Price From: 1.100$
Bhutan is a tiny Himalayan Kingdom situated in the eastern Himalayas and landlocked between the world's two most populous nations-with China to the North and India to the South. It is a Buddhist kingdom with a population of about 700,000 people
Banaue & Baguio wonders 4D/3N
Tour Code: PPVTA 0030
Category: Short Break Holidays
Price From: 850$
Banaue Rice Terraces. Amazingly this Eighth Wonder of the World has been functioning as rice paddy terraces for the Igorot tribes living in the rugged North. The climate is cold owing to high altitude, and walking into the mist is almost like hearing breathy whispers from beyond. People are always coming to trek its cool trails. Maybe to fathom this 2,000-year old enigma. Or perhaps to meditate on the ancient belief that in trekking these stairways to heaven, they live out their own legend.
Island Highlight Holiday 11D/10N
Tour Code: PPVTA 0010
Category: Escort Touring 7 -15 days
Price From: 1.289$
Experience the Philippines from Highlands to the Islands, Tour around, feel the culture, great people, amazing view and relaxing beaches.
Highland to Island Tour 12D/11N
Tour Code: PPVTA 0020
Category: Escort Touring 7 -15 days
Price From: 2.915$
In the tour, you will be able to experience the Philippines at it best! From the mountains in the north to the Beaches in the south, Day tours nearby Manila City and A LOT of Culture and nice people!!
Highlight of South Korea Tour 5D/4N
Tour Code: KRVTA 0020
Category: Short Break Holidays
Price From: 1.489$
Rest your mind and rejuvenate your soul in the land of the morning calm, Korea A country renowned for its rich cultural and aesthetic beauty. Begin a fantastic journey into the cultural traditions of the past - today!
Stopover Seoul City Tour 2D/1N
Tour Code: KRVTA 0030
Category: Short Break Holidays
Price From: 350$
This tour is perfect if you have a long layover in Seoul before you travel to your next destination. On this tour of Seoul, you can discover both modern and traditional Korea including museums, temples, traditional markets and of course, shopping. Shopping in Seoul is a truly enjoyable adventure, where you can find everything from a variety of antiques and souvenirs to clothes, consumer electronics and computer software
UNESCO Heritage tour of South Korea 8D/7N
Tour Code: KRVTA 0010
Category: Escort Touring 7 -15 days
Price From: 1.749$
Take the UNESCO World Heritage tour and be amazed by Korea’s major cultural and natural heritage sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. You will gain a broad and deep understanding of Korean culture and tradition in a short amount of time.
Tour Code: JPVTA 0030
Category: Escort Touring 7 -15 days
Price From: 2.203$
It is a unique blend of traditional and modern, with many temples and buildings from the past co-existing with modern achievements in architecture and technology. Visitors can be immersed in Japanese history and culture one day and get a glimpse of the future through technological developments the next. Almost all of the historical sites are still used for their original purposes while remaining open to the public. The natural beauty of Japan can be seen all year that a trip to Japan should include; the bright lights & excitement of Tokyo; Osaka, Japan's fashion and culinary heartland; former capital city Kyoto with its unique ambience of past and present