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VIPTOURASIA.,JSC is currently specializing in business consulting organization to support the team building activities, Gala Dinner, Conference, Game show, sightseeing spots in the country, according to the requirements of each individual and enterprises.

1. What?

Team building: As a course (usually outdoors) based on different games for students (participants) before the experiences of the following situations based on the questions of the teacher (Facilitator ) to get practical lessons in work, in order to adjust attitudes and behaviors of individuals working together toward the common goals of the organization.

2. When?
Team building: a course needed for most units, which requires the coordination work of individuals and different departments within the same organization. Team building is even more real need for organizations in which conflicts occur and the lack of unity, cohesion and unit members.
In addition, Team building is essential for many organizations with branch offices located in different geographical regions across the country and abroad. This is an opportunity for members to understand and strengthen working relationships with each other.

3. How?
After a team building course, the meaning is often drawn:
- The communication with each other easily and efficiently, especially for staff not part of the same company, or the same part, but fewer opportunities to work together.
- Apprenticeships become "Team leader" through planning, organizing, assigning work, arrange, organize its members and to direct appropriate resources to achieve team goals.
- Based on the collective strength and creativity to provide solutions to solve the problem.

- Get to know the character of other members of the team, strengths and weaknesses of each person to

complement and coordinate with each other work better.
- Ability to forecast, plan, risk prevention and handling of unexpected situations ...
- Good management and use of enterprise resources.
- To build solidarity, mutual trust, healthy competition between the teams together, realize the "overall picture" and navigate to the collective success of the company.
- Create a relaxing atmosphere, comfortable, have fun learning to reduce stress in your daily work.
- In addition, depending on the nature of the work and leadership requirements of companies, organizers Team building programs can be incorporated into other meanings for parts: management, sales, project production ...

4. Who?
Ordinary course Team building companies often held in conjunction with the tour, his annual vacation. They will rent the units perform professional team building programs. After Team building is done, they will continue the company's own programs.
Number of people participating in team building is ideally around 15 to 30 working together in the same company. Team building can be organized for companies with 100 to 200 employees attended, but the work must be extremely organized and detailed scale.

Instruments is a key issue is indispensable in the team building, as large number of participants, more instruments and therefore bulky organizers always need a team building staff to prepare and support before and during the implementation of team building.
Team building units can be made to the organizers of the program or can perform the tasks of transportation, hotel for players
Team building can be combined with the "gala dinner" dinner done in order to create more joy, understanding and solidarity.

5. Program Duration and Team building venues
Depending on the needs of the business, often carried out team building time from 1 to 2 days, mostly in the outdoor area with diverse terrain such as green field, pool, beach, mountain , forest, ...

Usually in our experience, team building is best done at the resorts or nature beauty spots.

6. The role of the implementation of team building
Facilitator: The main responsibility of the professional program is the recipient of requests from businesses, design appropriate program before the course to meet the requirements of the business. During program execution, Facilitator ask questions and guide teams to discuss, exchange, sharing and drawing lessons after each game. Facilitator quantities depending on team numbers. 

Assistant (assistant professor): responsible for preparation before the course tools, transport and storage devices, game guide and assist students in performing. Assistant Quantity usually double the amount of the Facilitator.

7. The restrictions
- Instead of building solidarity, some members may create divisiveness caused by dishonest while playing.
- Too much enthusiastic, fun can forget to glean meaning from the game.
- The organizational unit orientation program too much into the game but little mention lessons learned from this game. This case occurs when the unit is organized Team building companies, there is no good Facilitator.
- Venue not suitable for the game was designed from the first. To avoid this, organizers must first survey.
- Teamwork - attitude and work style.
- The Team Building training is used to give member some questions to think and respond in order to draw lessons.

- Each game is never won the Team Team also lost, once after a game against the subject of communication and planning in the Team, a team loses a representative from Malaysia (he has an MBA in He and director of corporate business in Asia) stood up "reporting" the results of why his team loses. He said "five people in our team come from different sources, he was a Product Director, she is a Sales Admin, Sales Supervisor a person he is today is the north joined with the first Company, he was a Technical Staff, and I remote to. At work we have little relationship to each other when assembled together, so communication is hard, slow ... we hardly consistent with the opinions and viewpoints together in offering solutions for each people is easy reservations, careful ... "

Finish Team building training, team winning the second operation all day do not know by accident while Team will gather together all those who work often work together daily.
So can say teamwork is one of the key factors for success in achieving the objectives of the company to compete with the external environment. If the individuals in the team knows how to open communication, adjust their working style and respect the opinions of others, fulfill his support team for the common and sacrificed the interests individuals, with excellent Team leader Team will definitely succeed.

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