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In a new organization or on stages of development, the management found that their employees had some issues regarding internal cooperation, which directly affected their business performance. They decided to make some changes, starting with supervisory and mid- level managers, next to their employees.

The VIP tour Asia's solution

In cases, organizations are facing some obstacles regarding team development. VIP tour Asia will provide a themed program by combining tactExchange activities; team members discuss the learning points and then draw out what practices they should apply in the work place after activities. They are also provided with Johari Window model, in which they know how to improve trust, relationship, and cooperation among members

Impact and Results

After the workshop, participants know where they are in the team development process and what individuals should do to improve overall team performance. They understand the need to put their own individual efforts into team success so that all will be successful. They also practice essential skills to work as a team and to communicate effectively with others.


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