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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions by clients of VIP tour Asia


1. How long has VIP tour Asia been in business?
VIP tour Asia is a travel corperation - the First VIP tour in Asia, founded almost a decade ago based on local regional background. Today, VIP tour Asia is one of the largest travel operator in Asia.

2. Where is VIP tour Asia located?
VIP tour Asia head quarter is officially located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The majority of branches are in Japan, Singapore, India, China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Lao, Cambodia, Philippines.

Contact Issues

1. Why do you need my name as it exactly appears on my passport?
Your full, official name, exactly as it appears on your valid passport, is necessary for all ticketing. The airline will deny boarding if your airline ticket does not match your passport.

2. Do you offer any discounts or offers with other services?
We work with various partners to offer our clients discount on accessories and services including books, cell phone and more. Visit us at our website oftenly to view all our up-to-date exclusive discounts.

3. How can I hear about the latest specials or last minute trips?
Be the first to hear about travel specials and vacation packages, last minute deals and savings, and new tours and itineraries with VIP tour Asia. Register VIP club Asia today!


1. Can I make a reservation using my credit card?
Yes. Reservations may be made with a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card from the booking section of this web site or by calling us at +84 9 18 13 10 18, VIP tour Asia.

2. How do I make a reservation? Can I book online?
Reservations may be made on-line in booking section of this site, mail, or by phone. We accept cash, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for deposits and final payments.

3. What is the personal information for?
The personal Information form is important to ensure your airline tickets are issued in your legal names, insurance in some cases without any discrepancy to your passport.

4. When is final payment due?
The majority of tours must be paid-in-full sixty (60) days prior to departure. However, certain cruises must be paid-in-full earlier. (see more at Booking Guidance

5. Can I purchase trip insurance through VIP tour Asia?
Travel insurance is not included in your tour price. It is the passenger’s responsibility to verify whether his/ her local health insurance carrier provides coverage while traveling. Please contact your insurance carrier or Contact us for details.

6. I do not have a roommate. Can VIP tour Asia find one for me?
Upon request, we will attempt to pair you with a roommate of the same gender. If we are unable to find you a roommate before the departure, a single supplement will apply.

7. Can I earn frequent flier mileage in conjunction with my tour?
Awarding mileage is strictly up to the individual airline. Most allow mileage to be accrued. Once booked on a trip, check with the airlines directly for their policy.

8. What is the weather going to be like in my destinations?
For weather information please visit World climate. Otherwise, it will be advised at time of booking.

9. How many hours ahead or behind is my destination city from home?
For information on time differences please visit The Time Now.

10. Do I need any shots to visit the destination?
Clients should check with their own doctors to see if they recommend any types of shots or vaccinations. They can also visit the Center for Disease Control for more information.

11. Is there any problems in the country to which I am traveling that could interfere with my travels?
We, at VIP tour Asia, are always monitoring world situations that could affect our clients. It will be advised at time of booking for different destinations refer to your vacation here or there base on local background.

Airline Info

1. What is the phone number of the airline I will be flying on?
For airline phone numbers, please check the airlines website or Click here.

2. Is my flight on time?
To check on a flight status you can call the airline directly or visit the Port Authority of air firms' website.

3. Can you do my seat assignment?
Unfortunately, no. Seat assignments are done by the airlines. You can contact the airline directly for seat assignments, 30 days before you departure.

Visa/Passport Info

Will I need a passport or visa for my intended country of travel?
Starting January 2008 in U.S and today, passports will be required for most countries and islands we travel to by air or cruise. For in-depth information you can visit destination Embassy World for a directory of the world's embassies and consulates. Many countries requires no visa for short time stay, maximum 15days due to the agreement between governments. It shall be advised at time of booking with us.


1. What is a tour feature or tour type?
A tour feature is an aspect of the tour that defines the type of travel. I.E. cooking, foodie tours, argriculture and farming, fishing, cruise, islands, beach, culture, sightseeing, or by means of transportation.

2. What is the easiest way for me to find a specific tour?
When searching for a specific tour start with the search function and enter the name of destinations, holiday themes, and price ranges at our home page.

Trip Evaluations

I just returned from my trip. Where can I find the evaluation to complete?
To complete your evaluation, first check your email inbox. An email with a direct link to our post service is sent two days after you return. You can also log into the VIP tour Asia website, refer to your tour code and date of implementation. Once logged in, click the Customer survey button at left bottom of the site.

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