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Myanmar not only has a rich cultural heritage but also an incredibly varied fauna and flora; all this combined with an enchanting population make it one of the most fascinating and as yet undiscovered destinations in the world.


There are several international airline offices in Yangon. To reconfirm your ticket, please do ask your tour guide. Should you like to contact these airlines yourself, the contact details are as follow:

Air Bagan Limited

56,shwe Taung Gyar street, Bahan Township

Tel: Reservation - 504888 (Ext- 1 for International & 2 for Domestic)

Tel: Office – 504273/75/76, 502643/50; 538910/916

Tel: 653343 / 653347 – Airport

Air China

Building 2 , Yangon City Hotel,8th Mile Junction, corner of Pyay Road and Kaba Aye Pagoda Road

Tel: 655882/ 666112

Tel: 662662 – Airport

Air Mandalay Limited

146,Dhamazedi Road,Bahan Township

Tel: 525488 / 525500 / 527619 / 525 344

Tel: 720309 / 652753 / 652754-Airport

Bangkok Airways

3rd Floor, 305, Sakura Tower, 339, Bogyoke Aung San Road, Kyauktada Township

Tel: 255122 / 255265

Tel: Sunday 653350 - Airport

Indian Airlines

75, Shwe Bontha Street, Pabedan Township

Tel: 371864/ 253597 / 253598

Tel: 650 574 – Airport

Malaysia Airlines

335/337, Ground Floor, Central Hotel, Bogyoke Aung San Road, Pabedan Township

Tel: 241001-20 – extension 121-2, 387 648 (direct)

Tel: 666054 – Airport

Myanmar Airways Intl

339, Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Sakura Tower, Kyauktada Township

Tel: 255440-3 / 255180-1

Silk Air

2nd Floor, Sakura Tower, 339, Bogyoke Aung San Road, Kyauktada Township

Tel: 255287-9

Tel: 665279 / 666261 – Airport

Thai Airways

Ground Fl, Sakura Tower, 339, Bogyoke Aung San Road, Kyauktada Township

Tel: 255491-9

Tel: 662661 – Airport office

Tel: 662384 – Airport booking

Vietnam Airlines

Room 1702, 17th Floor, Sakura Tower, 339, Bogyoke Aung San Road, Kyauktada Township

Tel: 255068, 255066, 255088

Fax : 255086

Yangon Airways Limited

No.166, Level5, Upper Pansodan road, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township,

Tel: 383101 to 383106

Tel: 700359 / 652533 -Airport

The domestic airlines often change their flight schedules at the very last minute. In such cases, we are forced to adjust the sightseeing programme around these changes. We do keep you updated of flight changes prior to arrival to Myanmar.


Yangon Airport is located 15 km (approx. 30 minutes) to the North of the centre of Yangon. The international airport tax of US$ / FEC 10 is payable locally on departure. There is no tax for domestic flights.


All visitors are required to have a Myanmar Visa and to complete an arrival/departure card, which is usually distributed during their flight into Yangon. The completed card should be submitted with passport to the immigration officials on arrival at Yangon airport. The departure portion will be torn off and returned to the visitor - it should be retained for presentation upon departure.


Begging is not widespread in Myanmar and visitors are requested not to encourage development of this practice by giving money or sweets to children. If travelers wish to contribute to, say a village community, gifts should be directed to the local schoolteacher or headmaster. Contributions can also be arranged through recognized local charity organizations.


Jewellery is generally not up to international standards for design and workmanship and buyers should check that 'gold' is not, in fact, gilded silver. All gem and jewellery purchases should be made through a government-authorized dealer, who must issue an official receipt, which is required for export of such items. Please do not buy antiques or religious statues, since the origin is doubtful and they cannot be exported. Visitors are advised to ignore touts who may approach them to exchange foreign currency, or to sell gems of dubious quality as such offers, although apparently attractive, are breaking strict laws.


09 JAN  – 10 JAN Kachin Manaw Festival (Kachin State)

12 JAN – 27 JAN Ananda Pagoda Festival in Bagan

14 JAN  – 15 JAN Naga New Year (Chin State)

11 FEB  – 26 FEB  Mahamuni Ceremony in Mandalay

14 MAR  – 19 MAR  Baw-gyo festiva

15 MAR – 15 MAR  Pindaya Cave Festival in Pindaya

13 APR  – 16 APR  Water Festival (the whole country)

17 APR  – 17 APR Myanmar New Year (the whole country)

17 APR  – 17 APR  Popa Ceremony in Mt Popa

02 JUN – 16 JUN Chin Lone Festival (Mahamuni Waso festival)

09 JUN – 24 JUN  Thihoshin Pagoda Festival in Pakkoku

28 SEP  – 15 OCT Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival in Inle Lake

11 OCT  – 11 OCT  Elephant Dance Festival in Kyaukse (near Mandalay)

11 OCT  – 13 OCT  Tadingyut Festival (the whole country)

03 NOV  – 18 NOV  Shwezigon Festival in Bagan

04 NOV – 10 NOV Fire Balloon Festival in Taunggyi

09 NOV – 10 NOV  Fire Balloon Festival in Maymyo

09 NOV  – 10 NOV  Shin Mar Le Pagoda Festival Mandalay

09 NOV  Robe Weaving Contest in big cities

01 DEC  National day (the whole country)

03 DEC  – 10 DEC Shwemyetmhan (Golden Sceptical) Pagoda Festival in Shwetaung

07 DEC  – 13 DEC  Alotaw Pyi Festival in Bagan

10 DEC Taung Byone Natto (Sit Htwet) Nat Festival in Taung Byone Village

10 DEC  Minmahagiri Nat Ceremony in Popa

Myanmar abounds with local festivals. Most festivals have religious backgrounds and dates are fixed according to the lunar calendar. Exact dates for some festivals are often determined only a few weeks before the event. From November to March, visitors may often find themselves, unexpectedly, in the midst of a local festival. VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC tries to include local festivals in client itineraries whenever possible.


There are several cinemas in downtown Yangon that regularly show English spoken movies. Please check with your hotel reception or tour guide for the current showing movie.

Nay Pyi Taw Cinema

Tel: 01 252 115 / 251 277 / 251 288

242 / 248 Sule Pagoda Road, Yangon (across from Traders Hotel)

Thamada Cinema

Tel: 01 246 962 / 252 117 / 246 963

5, Alan-pya-paya Road, Yangon (next to Thamada Hotel and Grand Plaza Park Royal, former Sofitel Plaza)


Myanmar has a tropical climate with three distinct seasons although the effects of the ''rainy'' seasons vary across the country:

Rainy Season: June to September

Cool Season: October to February

Hot Season: March to May

Overall the best time to visit Myanmar is from the end of October to middle of April. Yangon is very hot and humid during the ''hot '' and ''rainy'' season (June to September) and although Yangon and surrounding areas can have a lot of rain during the Summer, Upper Myanmar is rather dry the whole year round. The months of Jul - Sept can be very pleasant in Bagan and Mandalay as the air is clearer with less dust and the rainfall not heavy; an added advantage is that there are less tourists and lower hotel rates. The coastal areas should be avoided from May to end of Sept. In the Shan Hill and Mrauk U the temperatures at night during the Winter months can be surprisingly chilly ranging from 0 to 8degree Centigrades.


We recommend bringing light loose fitting cotton clothes and pale colours tend to be cooler. Myanmar still has very traditional customs and it is not appropriate to wear shorts, Bermudas or miniskirts. Since shoes and socks have to be removed for all visits to pagodas and temples, we recommend wearing sandals or other slip-on shoes which are easy to put on and take off. When visiting temples or other religious monuments, visitors should be modestly dressed - it is very important that knees and shoulders are covered and ladies should not wear shorts or bra-less T-shirts in such places. Hats and sunglasses are strongly recommended. Formal style clothes i.e. jacket and tie are not required. A sarong with its multi uses is a very useful item to bring. If travelling to Inle Lake or the Shan Hills particularly during the Winter season the nights can be chilly due to altitude hence it is advisable to bring a warm layer for the evenings.


Credit cards are not accepted anywhere in Myanmar. In the past a few top hotels accepted the major credit cards but this facility has been withdrawn recently. Please do not rely on using your credit card at all.


The Myanmar currency is Kyats (pronounced "chats"). The following notes are in circulation 5000, 1000, 500, 200, 100. The official rate of exchange is approximately Kyats 6 to USD 1 and the unofficial rate can go up as far as Kyat 1100 to USD 1. It is however possible to exchange US Dollars to Foreign Exchange Certificates (FEC) at the rate of 1 for 1. FECs can then be exchanged at the official rate of approximately Kyats 900/1.000 to FEC 1. In practice nowadays money is changed directly from USD into Kyats and your guide will assist you in this. Please do not change USD into Kyats at the money changer at the airport as the rate is very low. The lower notes under 100, you are not likely to see in circulation.

It is imperative that you note prior to travelling that only USD CASH is acceptable as payment anywhere in Myanmar There are no ATM machines and travellers' cheques are not accepted. We strongly advise you to bring sufficient US Dollars CASH for your holiday duration and preferably to bring more than you anticipate spending as it is not possible to obtain funds if you run out of money. US Dollars are widely accepted but other currencies are not accepted at all. Please note that money changers/shops/restaurants/hotels only accept USD notes, which are in good condition and 'new' looking. Notes with torn off corners, rips or scrawls on are not accepted.


The basic principle of customs policy in Myanmar is that visitors should exit the country with the same goods and personal possessions that they brought in. Expensive Jewellery or electrical goods must be declared to Customs at the airport. Exports of antique and archaeologically valuable items are prohibited. To avoid any confiscation of goods not purchased in Myanmar, visitors must be sure they appear on their customs declaration form on arrival. Particular note should be taken of antiques purchased in other countries in the region which might possible be deemed of Myanmar origin. Also extra should be taken to declare lose gemstones and jewellery. Duty free allowance is 200 cigarettes and one liter of wine or spirits. Note that export of antiques, Buddha images and gems without an official dealer's receipt, is strictly prohibited.

Officially an amount of cash currency of more than USD 2000 should be declared; however in practice this seems not to be stringently complied with by tourists or locals.

Baggage may be X-rayed or inspected before departure.

If an airport arrival transfer has been pre-arranged with us, a VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC representative or guide will meet travellers on arrival after airport immigration and customs control points have been passed. In the arrival hall our representative will display a VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC sign and/or names of guests or their group for easy recognition.


There are 2 proper clinics in Yangon that can give medical assistance. Do note that this assistance is limited and for major injuries or sicknesses one has to fly to Bangkok or Singapore. VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC Myanmar shall not be held responsible for recommending the following clinics:

AEA – SOS International Clinic Yangon

34, Inya Lake Resort compound, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road,

Mayangone Township

Tel: 01 267 877 (24 hours)01-667 877, 667 897, 667 871

Fax: 01 662 866


Pun Hlaing International Hospital

Pun Hlaing Golf Estate Avenue, Hlaing Tharyar Township, Yangon

Tel: 01 684 323 , 684319 up to 29

Fax : 01 684 324

E-mail :


An international driving license is accepted. Penalties for motorists that hit a pedestrian are extremely severe, regardless of who was at fault. We therefore strongly recommend that visitors to Myanmar do not attempt to drive.


Should you need assistance of your embassy, the following are the addresses of the major embassies in Yangon: (note that the Embassies are usually open only in the mornings.)

Embassy of the United States of America

110, University Avenue, Kamayut Township

Tel: 01 536 509 / 535 756 / 538 038

Embassy of the United Kingdom

80 Strand Road

Tel: 01 370 863 - 5 / 254658-7 / 380 322 / 370 865 / 371852-3

Embassy of Australia

88 Strand Road, Kyauktada Township (next to the Strand Hotel)

Tel: 01 251 809 / 251 810

Fax: 01 246 159

Embassy of Japan

100 Natmauk Road, Bahan Township

Tel: 01 549 644 - 8 / 540399 / 540400 / 540411

Fax: 01 549 643

Embassy of France

102 Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road, Dagon Towhnship

Tel: 01 212178 / 212520 -30/ 21252

Fax: 01 212 527

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

9 Bogyoke Aung San museum Road, Bahan Township

Tel: 01 548 951 / 548 952 / 548 953

Fax: 01 548 899

Embassy of Italy

3 Inya Myaing Road, Bahan Township

Tel: 01 527 100 –1

Fax: 01 514 565

Consulate of Switzerland

79/80 Bahosi, Lamadaw Township

Tel: 01 211 562 / 211538 - 7

Fax: 01 211 540

For addresses or information of other embassies, please contact our office


There are many good restaurants in Yangon, which serve quality food at reasonable prices. There are restaurants offering Thai, Chinese, European, Italian, Indian and Burmese cuisine. Eating at the street restaurants can be a wonderful Asian experience but is not recommended unless an experienced guide has recommended the restaurant. Throughout upcountry Myanmar, the choice of food is limited to Burmese and Chinese. In Yangon and Mandalay there are now many noodle and coffee shops and Yangon has a good choice of fine dining experiences.

As a general comment Burmese Food is a meeting point between the spicy Thai cuisine and the Indian spice 'curry' base. Rice and noodles are the stable dishes usually served with a variety of side dishes ranging from meat or fish, salads, vegetables and a lentil soup.


Myanmar is particularly renowned for its lacquerware, precious stones and jewellery. Lacquer ware is available most notably in Bagan but also in Mandalay and Yangon. Precious stones and jewellery can be purchased from any of the approved shops and government shops that populate Yangon, Mandalay and all other major towns and cities. The silk weavers, tapestry maker, carvers of wood, ivory and stone, silversmiths and bronze-casters are largely based in Mandalay. Bargaining is essential for all souvenirs shopping, if travellers are to obtain reasonable prices. Possible price reductions of up to 30% are not uncommon.


Myanmar has its own cell phone network and cell phones from other countries do not have access. The Myanmar SIM cards are different from the 'normal' SIM cards which are used all over the world. Tourists can buy a Myanmar SIM cards (CDMA) for USD 60 but these can only be used with a specific (Chinese made) handphone set and so this would additionally need to be purchased for USD 100-150. We can not guarantee to be able to purchase a CDMA SIM card and good connection handset however due to supply difficulties nor can we guarantee it works. Please note that reception is not at all clear. It is advisable not to rely on having your own mobile phone during you.


There are no compulsory vaccinations but it is advisable to take precautions against malaria - we recommend seeking the advice of your doctor. Prescription drugs are not widely available and visitors should bring any required medication with them carrying them in their hand luggage. If carrying a lot of medicines, it is advisable to have a doctor's letter stating that medicines are required for personal use. It is advisable to bring plenty of mosquito repellent, particularly for use in the evenings. As Myanmar enjoys a tropical climate, sun block cream is recommended particularly for the boat ride on Inle Lake or the beach. A spare pair of glasses, if worn, is also advisable.


Accommodation standards in Myanmar still vary widely, especially in quality and during high season the hotels with character are in huge demand getting booked up many months ahead. New and refurbished hotels meeting international standards are available in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake, Ngapali Beach and Ngwe Saung Beach. VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC clients will generally receive hotel reservation priority, but VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC cannot guarantee specific hotel requests and upcountry reserves the right to substitute accommodation for the best available alternative standard when a first-choice hotel is not available. Clients are advised that accommodation in remote locations can be very basic and simple. Hotels offer more competitive rates during the months of May – Sept.


The extent of insurance coverage in Myanmar varies widely to western norms. It is suggested that visitors consider short-term health and accident policies from your own insurance company prior to leaving home. Local hospital care is basic, any seriously injured tourist will require medical evacuation to either Singapore or Bangkok. As medical evacuations can be extremely costly, we recommend that you take out a comprehensive insurance policy that will cover the costs of a medical evacuation and subsequent medical care.


During your tour through Myanmar you will find many markets of various interests (weekly markets, night markets, fish and vegetable markets, the 5 day rotating market around Lake Inle etc. etc.) Your guide will assure that you will be able to visit as many as possible. Do mention your special interest to your guide.


There are not many museums in Yangon, apart from the National Museum. There is a variety of art galleries. The National Museum is open daily from 10:00 to 16:00, except public holidays and during the Water festival in April.


Travellers are required to obtain a visa in their home country prior to entering Myanmar. Specific advice on up-to-date requirements should be obtained from the consulate offices in your country. For general guidance, please note the following:

Passport must have at least 6 months remaining validity at time of travel. Foreigners must always carry their passport whilst travelling.

Visa processing time is between 5 and 10 working days at most Myanmar Consulates or Embassies.

Tourist visas are valid for 28 days.

Some Embassies require a 'confirmation letter' which VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC can provide.

Please leave your passport at your hotel in the safe deposit boxes while sightseeing. When you are travelling overland or by air, please ensure that your passport is in your hand luggage. NEVER pack your passport in your suitcase.

Pre-arranged visa

In order to issue a visa, some Myanmar Embassies require a "confirmation letter" to confirm that visa applicants have pre-booked and pre-paid their travel arrangements in Myanmar. Please let us know where you intend to obtain the visa and provide us with your exact names (as per passports), nationalities and passport numbers. We will then fax or email our "confirmation letter" to you, enabling you to obtain your visa.

Visa on Arrival

If you do not have Myanmar Embassy at your home country or you are not able to apply Myanmar visa in advance, you can obtain a pre-arranged visa on arrival at the Yangon and Mandalay International airports on your arrival. We need below information and at least one month prior to arrival:

Full Name as mentioned in the passport


Tourist visas are valid for 28 days.

Father's name



Passport Number

Issue Date

Date Of Birth

Place Of Birth


Home Address

Purpose of visiting Myanmar

Date Of Arrival

Flight Number

A Digital Photo (a scan of your passport picture is fine)

We apply for the 'Visa upon Arrival' from the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism department and once approved, send you the approval letter to get 'Visa on Arrival' issued. You will have to show this to the airline at the check-in, otherwise they will refuse you on board. You have to bring two passport photos and pay USD 30 Per person for the visa fees on arrival. Our service charge for applying to get the approval for the pre-arranged visa on arrival is USD 30 per person.

Note: Due to the uncertainty of the approval process, VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC Myanmar cannot guarantee that an approval will be obtained in time. In the event that services are booked, but permission cannot be obtained timely, we will do our utmost to negotiate with our suppliers regarding waivering any charges but reserve the right to charge cancellation fees as applicable and shall not be held liable for any cost or inconvenience caused by the rejection or untimely issuing of the approval for the Visa on Arrival.


The following 3 border checkpoints are currently open for tourists:

Muse / Ruli (Yunnan China)

For those who enter at Muse boarder and exit different points (either Yangon or Mandalay International airport) a visa is required before travelling plus a border crossing permit.

The same permission is needed for any overland drive after Lashio (driving up from Mandalay).

A day visa normally issued only to Chinese Nationals to visit Muse is currently not allowed.

Tachilek / Mae Sai (North Thailand)

Border Crossing Permission. For those who enter at Tachileik border and exit from a different point (eg either Yangon or Mandalay International airport) a visa is required before traveling plus a border crossing permission.

Day Visa. For those (including Thai Nationals) who enter and exit Myanmar at the same place, a day visa can be obtained. A day visa only allows a visit to Mae Sai (within city limits) and not further.

Entry Permit. With a special entry permit issued locally at the border, visits to Kyaing Tong and Mong La for up to about 14 days are permitted. Travel is other parts of the country is not allowed. To apply for an entry permit, clients are required to pay USD 10 per person for entry permit and Baht 50 per person for formalities fees (documentation cost) directly and submit 3 passport photos. Clients have to leave their passports at border until their return. It is allowed to check into hotels using the entry permit.

Overland trips are possible for both ways between Tachilek and Kyaing Tong, but driving from Kyaing Tong to Taunggyi / Inle Lake is not allowed.

Kawthaung / Ranong (South west Thailand)

Visa. A Myanmar visa is required for tourists visiting the Mergui Archipelago. Visa on Arrival can be arranged on the spot. Visa fee is USD 30 per person plus documentary fees USD 5-10 per person and visa handling fees for agent which is to be advised.

Entry and Exit

It is possible to enter the country in Kawthaung and exit via Yangon or another route. The service charge will cost USD 30.


Special permission is not required for Kawthaung and Myeik or for entry or exit via Kawthaung to Ranong for the time being.

Special permission is required for those visiting the Mergui Archipelago.

Royalty Fees (Zone Fees) for visiting the Mergui Archipelago.

The royalty fees apply for a 5 day/4 night programme ranges from USD 100- USD 200 per person depending on whether the boat is owned by a local or foreigner and whether it departs from Kawthaung or Myeik. Any additional day will cost USD 25 per person.

Regulations for crossing overland borders can change at short notice.


Photographing of Airports, Railways Stations, Wharves, Police Stations, Military Installations, Bridges and Government Offices may result in films being confiscated. Please use discretion when photographing people, especially with tribal people, who may have superstitions against this. For close-up shots, always ask first.


Postal service in Myanmar to date is unreliable; letters and postcards to overseas sometimes do not reach their destinations. Most hotels have IDD lines, but calls are expensive with average costs of a call to Australia, Europe and USA approximately US$ 9 per minute. Public phones that use pre-paid phone cards or call-back systems are not available in Myanmar. Limited internet access is available at some hotels and cafes as well as small internet shops only but connections are unreliable and extremely slow. In addition access to most private email accounts such as yahoo or hotmail is not possible although access to Gmail is possible.


The great majority of Burmese are Theravada Buddhists. Buddhism still has great influence on the daily lives of Myanmar. Close family ties, respect for elders, reverence for Buddhism and simple native dress are common values practiced by most. 89% of the population are Buddhists with the remainder being made up of Christians (5%), Muslims (3%), Hindus (1%), Animists and other (2%). Myanmar accepts full freedom of worship for followers of other religion.


Large parts of Myanmar are open to foreign visitors. Access to some remote or border areas, however, is still subject to government or military permission. In such situations VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC will endeavor to obtain the necessary permits. Allow one month for procurement of such permits.


Myanmar has a fairly wide range of roads; however most of them are in bad need of renovation. Overland drives therefore can be are very tiresome and take a long time. The yearly monsoon usually has its input as well and does not make the road condition better. Due to poor road conditions, long distance overland travel generally takes longer than the traveller might expect, averaging only 40-50 kilometers per hour.


No taxis in Myanmar use meters and the fare must be negotiated before the beginning of the trip. Public buses offer a cheap albeit crowded alternative to taxis; the challenge is finding out where the bus is going.


Local time is GMT + 6.5 hours.


Tipping is quite common in Myanmar today. Only at very simple restaurants do waiters not expect tips. Where a porter or waiter gives special service, a small tip is always welcome. Regarding drivers and guides, the amount tip is discretionary and should only be given for 'good service'. As an extremely approximate guideline, which should be adjusted taking various things into consideration, such as the sophistication of the guide, size of the group and duration of drive or tour.


VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC has a good number of loyal and long serving guides who can speak English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and German. We offer you the choice of either a "throughout" guide who will be able to speak languages other than English or English speaking "station guides". A "through-out" guide travels with you from arrival to Yangon until departure. English speaking station guides only guide you in one destination and does not travel with you from (for instance) Yangon to Mandalay. Hence he/she will be different in each place.

Where your meals are included at local restaurants, the guides' meals is complementary and so he/she will join unless you request otherwise.

We recruit only the best available guides and these guides are used to working for VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC. We ask them to attend a detailed briefing prior to your arrival and ensure that they fully understand what is required of them.


Government Offices are open from 09.30 hours to 16.30 hours, banks from 10.00 hours to 14.00 hours from Monday to Friday. Shops are usually open from 10.00 hours to 17.00 hours, Tuesday to Sunday although new shopping centres are open 09.00 until 21.00 daily. Many museums, shops and markets will be closed on Mondays. Most shops will be closed on public holidays. Bogyoke (Scotts) market is open daily 10:00 hours to 17:00 hours, except Mondays and public holidays.


VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC does its utmost to provide the best available cars and buses. As the import of new vehicles as well as spare parts is very difficult and extremely expensive, most of the tourist cars used are second hand vehicles, sometimes older than 20 years. Even the so called 'deluxe' saloon cars will be old models and look unimpressive although they are comfortable. The smart 4 wheel drive landcruisers you may see being driven are not available for tourists. It regretfully does happen that cars have breakdowns; the drivers however are pretty good in getting the shortcomings repaired in no time. In remote areas, however, air-conditioned vehicles may not always be available and travellers should be advised that the quality of roads vary throughout Myanmar from reasonable to bad.


Myanmar has 220-230 Volts AC. It is advisable to bring a torch/flashlight because power cuts can occur throughout the country. Myanmar uses the British 3 pin socket system as well as the round 2 pin system but as sizes vary, you are advised to carry a multi -purpose adapter. Power cuts are frequent particularly in the months April – September. However most hotels do have reliable power back up although this often does not power the air-conditioning to full strength.


It is advisable to drink only bottled or purified water available complementary in many restaurants.


Rates in this tariff are quoted net to travel agents in U.S. Dollars at current rate of exchange and are subject to change without prior notice. Included in quoted prices are domestic airfares, transfers, accommodation, meals and services as shown in each tour itinerary. Not included in the tour prices are optional tours, visa charges and airport taxes (unless stated in the itinerary) and expenses of personal nature.

Local English-speaking guides accompany tourists on all land tours. Availability of German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian as well as Japanese speaking guides are subject to confirmation at time of booking.

Accommodation is based on shared twin-bed rooms, with a supplementary charge for single occupancy.


Children between 2 and 12 years of age are granted a 25% discount on transfers, excursions and package tours providing that rooms are shared with two (2) adults without an extra-bed (or 15% discount if they require an extra bed). These discounts are granted for one child per room only. Children requiring their own rooms are charged as adults but get a discount according to child airfare on applicable domestic airfares.


If hotel reservations or air tickets only are required, a handling/administration fee of US$ 35 per booking applies. This fee is waived if file value exceeds US$ 250.


Cancellation charges according to the case incurred apply. Strict cancellation and deposit policies apply for bookings of river cruises, beach hotels and hotels at Inle Lake.


VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC reserves the right to rearrange, substitute or cancel tour elements without prior notice should prevailing circumstances at the time of travel dictate such adjustments. All itineraries are subject to change depending on domestic flight and hotel availability.


VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC acts solely as an intermediary between the passenger, his travel agent or tour operator, and local airlines, hotels, restaurants, boat companies and ground transportation companies. VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC is therefore not responsible for any loss, injury or damage sustained by the traveler including those occurring outside the tour programs. While every effort is undertaken to provide tour arrangements exactly as per itineraries, additional expenses incurred due to delays, accidents, natural disasters, political actions and unrest, must be borne by the traveler. VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC strongly suggests that passengers take out adequate private insurance to cover eventualities such as cancellation costs, medical expenses including repatriation in the event of an accident or illness, loss or damage to luggage before any trip to Myanmar.

VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC also reserves the right to provide alternative accommodation or switch around programmes if, due to reasons beyond its control, hotels, flights or any other services as mentioned in the programme cannot be confirmed. However, VIP TOUR ASIA.,JSC will endeavor to find the best possible alternatives in order to maintain the level of quality of arrangements as originally confirmed. Programmes, prices, services and conditions are based on those valid at the time of printing and are therefore subject to change without advance notice before or during the tour. Participation in our tours implies the client's agreement to the above conditions. (See more at our How to book)