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Welcome to the mystical land of Tibet, a place that for years has been shroud in mystery, hidden and...
Tibet also has a long history and beautiful landscape. Its brilliant and ancient monasteries and uni...
Wonderful Tours :
Lhasa Skipping Tour 5D/4N
Tour Code: TBVTA 0010
Category: Short Break Holidays
Price From: 660$
Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR for short) attracts people of all persuasions every year from both home and abroad. It rewards every visitor with an unforgettable experience of the land, the people and the mysticism! It is the gateway of southwest China. Its land mass is about 1/8 of the territories of the country. The history of it all began about 4,000 years ago, when living was simpler. Lhasa is the political, economic, cultural and religious center with abundant cultural relics, like the world's highest palace complex, the Potala Palace built over 1,300 years ago
Lhasa Classic Tour 4D/3N
Tour Code: TBVTA 0020
Category: Short Break Holidays
Price From: 570$
The people living in this vast land are mainly Tibetan, an ethnic group with bold and uninhibited characteristics. They take beef, mutton and dairy products as staple food, which protect them from severe cold. The locals grow crops under harsh climatic conditions. The main grain crop grown here is the barley. The popular zanba and barley wine are made from it. Traditional local clothing are usually thick, warm and loose with wide waist and long sleeves and skirts. Hada, a ceremonial scarf, is highly regarded. People here usually present Hada as a mark of esteem when holding celebration parties, welcoming visitors, visiting the elders or seeing someone off. This land is reputed as the 'Sea of Dances and Songs', where people enjoy these pursuits. People here also engages in wrestling, horse racing and archery on festivals. You have an opportunity to do home visits and learn more
Expedition for Mt. Everest 7D/6N
Tour Code: TBVTA 0030
Category: Escort Touring 7 -15 days
Price From: 746$
This tour includes all of the best sights, sounds, and smells Tibet has to offer. You could wind your way up through the Potala, join the shuffling, murmuring pilgrims around the shrines of the Jokhang, let yourself be swept around the Barkhor, and be enveloped in the vast expanses of the Tibetan landscape. For centuries, the impassable routes and political upheaval have made Tibet and Everest one of the last great unexplored territories in the world, but this expedition could offer you a chance to see the great Mt. Everest, one of earth’s most remote corners. To view the sunrise and sunset there, you can do nothing but feel marvel for the nature’s masterpiece.