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Official name: Kingdom of Cambodia Area: 181,035 square kilometers Monarch: HM Preah Borom Mon...
Welcome to Cambodia A destination in old French IndoChina, Cambodia is a hot spot for travelers. A ...
Wonderful Tours :
Khmer Tradtion and Custom 6D/5N
Tour Code: CAVTA 0020
Category: Short Break Holidays
Price From: 504$
In the 1920s, Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh, situated on the banks of the Mekong, was known as the "Pearl of Asia" and today it retains much of its elegance with its Khmer and French architecture. The city takes its name from Wat Phnom or Hill Temple which was built in 1373 and is Phnom Penh's oldest structure. The Royal Palace with its Silver Pagoda dates to the mid 1800s and is a prime example of Khmer architecture as is the National Museum. The French also left behind their villas, boulevards and churches etc. An important example is the Art deco market, Phsar Thom Thmei. Although the architecture survived the horror of the Khmer Rouge regime, the rush to develop and modernise is now putting much of the city's heritage under threat from property speculators and there is a rising movement to preserve the city's past.
Cambodia Classic Tours 7D/6N
Tour Code: CAVTA 0010
Category: Escort Touring 7 -15 days
Price From: 565$
A dazzling place filled with history and intrigue, present day Cambodia is thriving and looking forward to the future. Travel to the capital Phnom Penh and experience the hustle and bustle of the capital city. Or experience old-world Cambodia and travel to Siem Reap. View the pinnacle of the Khmer Empire from the Temples of Angkor. Angkor Wat, the zenith of Khmer ingenuity and genius, will blow your mind away. The intricate carvings and detail in these structures are incomparable. There are also the Bayon Temples, easily recognizable by the looming stone faces there, which pay homage to the old Khmer rulers.
Discover Magical City of Temple 4D/3N
Tour Code: CAVTA 0030
Category: Short Break Holidays
Price From: 269$
Siem Reap's main claim to fame and prosperity is that it acts as the gateway to world renowned, 820,000 square metre, Angkor Wat temple complex. Built by the Khmer king, Suryavarman II in the early 12th century Angkor Wat was originally the king's palace and a temple dedicated to the Hindi god, Vishnu. In the 13th Century, the king converted to Buddhism and the country followed suit – Angkor Wat became the main Buddhist temple. So important is Angkor Wat to Cambodia that it appears in the country's flag and is a potent symbol of national pride to the Cambodian people. Tourism to Angkor Wat has helped provide funds for the protection of the site.